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Career Coach: Work 360°

Submitted by admin on Mon, 04/30/2012 - 10:03

Kristi Enigl, Global Career CoachThe past four years have redefined the way we work. Millions are unemployed, underemployed, working part-time, or temping, and recent magazine articles have even predicted the demise of the full-time, salaried employee. As a recruiter and career coach, I have noticed significant changes in the way companies hire, as well as the number of opportunities available. In light of these changes, I have developed a career strategy to help you not only navigate these new waters, but to succeed! I call it Work 360°.

Think entrepreneurially. I had a client who spent three years searching all across the country for a job in her field. Since this person is also a good friend, I know that she is a highly capable human resources manager, so I recommended that she try marketing herself as a “virtual HR Manager” in addition to continuing her job search. She did just that, announcing her virtual HR services over her social media channels. She found her first client within a week! After three years of a disappointment, she found success as soon as she shifted to entrepreneurial thinking. Not everyone is in a position to do this, but these days, it may be easier to find a client than a job. Start thinking about what services you might be able to offer should an opportunity arise—or better yet, start creating opportunities!

Establish multiple revenue streams. The old adage “don't put all your eggs in one basket” rings true here—no longer can we rely on companies for a guaranteed paycheck. Start brainstorming other ways to bring in income. In many cases, this might mean a combination of working part-time, taking on freelance/consulting projects, or even offering virtual services. Technology allows us to easily work around the globe, and with a variety of easy-to-use social media channels, you can market your services on a limited budget. You may have to cover a variety of expenses (such as health care and taxes), however, so research and planning are critical.

Try your hand at consulting. As companies continue to reduce staff sizes and many professionals launch their own small businesses, a new market for specialists has emerged. Many companies hire consultants to work on a monthly, quarterly, or project basis. If you are in accounting, information technology, or human resources, you can market your skills to individuals and companies. Ask your friends for referrals, or use the Internet and social media to seek out opportunities and market your services.

Keep up with technology. This is paramount for a successful career. Stay on top of trends and learn new programs and software. Being ready for the future involves being fluent in modern technology.

The idea behind Work 360° is to shift your thinking. We are witnessing a transformational era in which the world we used to know is morphing into an information-based society. It is only natural that we also change the way we think about work and careers to open ourselves to new paths.

Thank you so much for welcoming me as your April Career Coach—it's been a great month! Shout-outs to, Helene, Emma, Sarah, Alan Allard, and all the readers at home. Best of luck, and keep moving forward!

—Kristi Enigl, Global Career Coach