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The Innovators: Designing the Future

Over the past century, amazing discoveries have brought us the internet, medical advances and the ability to explore space. The half-hour documentary, The Innovators: Designing the Future, examines the power of innovation to transform our lives, and turns the spotlight on exciting new developments in science and technology. The program introduces viewers to three pioneers who are tackling the challenges of modern life head on and examines why America is not producing great scientists and engineers at the rate of other countries. Viewers also hear from Academy Award-nominated actor Judd Hirsch, co-star of the hit primetime crime drama NUMB3RS, on technological advancements he's witnessed in his lifetime.

Featured are: Ayanna Howard, Ph.D. (above right), an associate professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology who worked at NASA on technology for Mars exploration and currently works on using robots to explore global warming and other prominent issues; David Kelly (above middle), founder and chairman of the design company IDEO and head of Stanford University's Institute of Design; and Naomi Halas, Ph.D. (above left), a professor at Rice University whose work with nanoshells has the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment.

The Innovators: Designing the Future is a production of Creative Expansions, Inc. The program is presented by KCTS/Seattle Public Television and distributed by American Public Television (APT). Executive Producer/Host: Helene Lerner, Producer/Director: Wendy Lobel, Editor: Satoko Sugiyama, Director of Photography: Scott Sinkler, Associate Producers: Sarah Fogel and Nadine Witkin.

Left photo credit: Scott Sinkler
Center photo credit: CBS/Landov
Right photo credit: Scott Sinkler




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