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Want to Experience a Sneak Peek On the Set of "In Her Power?"

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 01/08/2013 - 10:08

I'm very excited. Starting in March nationwide, In Her Power, the television show, will be airing on public television -- check your local listings.*

The show highlights my conversation with four women from the book, In Her Power, who have reinvented themselves and altered the course of their lives, Laura Newberry, Karen Fitzgerald, Deepika Bajaj, and Robin Kahn. There are also poignant insights from actors Julianne Moore, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jane Seymour, and other self-made women from my past television shows. 

Here are clips from the making of the show (reality style) so you can get an intro to the women who will be appearing with me. And our wonderful make-up artist Bruce Dean Lindstrom.

I believe that the connective power of women is needed in the world today. We have the ability to find unity amongst our differences. 

It's my dream to have a series on the topic on a major network. Just think of all the wonderful women who would be acknowledged. 

*In Her Power distributed by APT, presenting station MPTV.

Video editor: Amy Stringer