Working Effectively With Men: Tips From Businesswomen Across the Globe

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Women seeking answers on how to work effectively with men gathered at the Global Summit of Women in Beijing last week.

 "How could they work effectively with men? What do men say about their female colleagues when they leave the room?" (

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Making in-roads: response to article about working with men

I thought this article was very interesting. Dealing with male prejudices around the globe seems daunting! While we really can't change every man's embedded ideas about women leaders, we can use our authenticity and natural strengths as women to develop relationships, use our empathy to draw others out, stand our ground with confidence, ask provocative questions, and encourage/support men and women with whom we work.

As more organizations continue to tap current female talent, we can support them by standing together.

  • What have you noticed women doing to support other women?
  • How have you seen women cultivate strong working relationships with men while retaining their female strengths and identity?
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working with men

This article makes some excellent points, particularly since it has an international perspective. 

In order for women to move up in the boardrooms, to the C Suite and as entrepreneurs, we need to understand business and how it works. Meetings like the one mentioned, are valuable for sharing  best practices, assessing obstacles and developing strategies to break past those obstacles.

This is particularly important for women who come from areas where there has not been much progress to meet with other women for support and to get ideas for developing their own roadmap.

I'd love to see the day when women and men are valued as individuals for what they bring to the organization, but meanwhile we have to celebrate the wins, and touting our success. We have to get beyond internalizing negative messages, trying to be carbon copies of men, and be able to articulate our own value.

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re: business women

As a young woman about to begin her final year in college, I found this article really interesting since I hope to learn about this in order to begin a successful career as a woman soon. I think everyone has made some great points... women need to know business, not have another prejudice against them. Take your strengths and be strong!