Why Legs May Cramp at Night (And What to Do)

There are few things more unpleasant than being jolted out of sleep by a furiously cramping calf or quad muscle. Yet these annoying spasms are extremely common. Luckily, they are easily treatable and minor. Here is everything you need to know about that troublesome Charley Horse. First, there are two types of leg cramps: idiopathic and secondary leg cramps. Secondary leg cramps are a symptom of a health condition such as liver disease, certain medications or even pregnancy. Idiopathic cramps occur for no reason.  Scientists have several theories about the causes of idiopathic cramps, but there is no concrete explanation for their cause. Secondary leg cramps need to be addressed by dealing with the underlying cause, but idiopathic cramps can usually be treated by exercising the problematic muscles. There are several different factors that can lead to leg cramps. Overuse when exercising Once your muscles have cooled down, it’s common to experience leg cramps. An easy way to prevent this is to make sure to stretch after (not just prior) working out. Blowing off the cool-down may seem like no big deal, but you can pay for it in soreness and cramping. Invest in a foam roller and a tennis … Continue reading Why Legs May Cramp at Night (And What to Do)