Soulful Wisdom: Cards for Women Who Do Too Much

All too often we hear the stories of resilient women doing everything for everyone but themselves. They face major career decisions at work, new friendships in their social lives, and shifting family dynamics at home, oftentimes sacrificing self-care to get it all done.

While working, taking care of your family, and making time for your friends can be a part of a well-balanced lifestyle, forsaking self-care and mindfulness can leave you feeling drained, stressed, and completely off-balance. Admitting that you need support can be one of the first steps to re-centering your mind, body, and spirit. Helene Lerner’s Soulful Wisdom: Cards for Women Who Do Too Much are the perfect tool to help you minimize negativity, tap into your intuition, and bring your life back into focus.

The 50-card deck features themes related to the challenges all women have faced at some point in their lives: balance, change, acceptance, and creativity. Each card is beautifully decorated and includes affirmations based on its theme that will guide you to rediscovering your best self. Whether you’re using them as an aid in brief moments of personal reflection or as a practical guide in longer meditations, these cards will help you realign your energy and ground yourself in the midst of a turbulent life.

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