Bonus Material

Confidence Sparks

Spark 1
Don’t pay attention to those who don’t have your best interests at heart. If a disparaging comment comes your way today, keep focused on your goals.

Spark 2
Don’t let self-doubt get the best of you. If you are in a position of power and responsibility, know that you have what it takes to be there. Others believe in you—prove them right.

Spark 3
What do you need to deal with that you’ve been ignoring? To address your fear, examine the worst-case scenario if you were to take action. That scenario probably won’t happen, so commit to taking one action toward handling the situation.

Spark 4
Think of someone you have just met. What motivates him? What is his agenda? Try practicing artful listening to find out. Listen to what he says, but also observe his gestures and tone of voice. What is your intuition saying about him and where he stands? You’ll know whether or not to make him an ally.

Spark 5
Are you putting an unrealistic demand on yourself? Adjust your expectations, whether that means changing your timetable or recruiting others to help. Be kind to yourself.

Spark 6
What do you think should be your next big step? Advancing is impossible without taking some calculated risks. Even if your decision turns out not to be the best choice, you will learn some valuable lessons that will help you.

Spark 7
What do you see as your strengths? Choose one and reflect on how you can leverage it to step out in a bigger way. Make a list of actions to take and a timetable of when you will take them.

Spark 8
Did you recently say yes to a request that you didn’t really want to do? How did you feel afterward? Can you go back to the requester and say no, and suggest someone else or another way of handling the situation?

Spark 9
Strive to do your best, but let go of perfectionism. Think of a task that has been consuming your time. Know that what you’ve already done is good enough. Next!

Give yourself the credit you deserve. In what ways have you grown in the last six months, and how have you been able to change the lives of other people?